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    These special events must be booked in advance.

    For more information or to book, please email

    or ring 07913 753 493.

Whiteway Morning (Joint event with the Sussex School of Archaeology)

“The Impact of the Normans, Part 2” Simon Stevens, Senior Archaeologist at Archaeology South-East

Saturday, 28 September, 10.00-12.00 The Towns

The Norman Conquest brought great change to the existing towns of Late Anglo-Saxon England and saw the founding of other new settlements as centres for administration and commerce. Recent redevelopment in our urban centres has offered numerous opportunities to excavate and interpret the buried remains of the post-Conquest period and place them within the context of the surviving townscapes and above-ground remains.

Saturday, 19 October, 10.00-12.00  The Countryside

Arguably the impact of the new regime is more difficult to recognise in the villages, hamlets, fields and woodlands than in the towns. Monastic establishments were founded and thrived under the new order, new earthwork castles dotted the rural landscape but arguably it is the parish churches that offer the most widespread evidence for the emergence of a Norman England.

Saturday, 16 November, 10.00-12.00 The People

Often overlooked amid the political, military, economic and religious upheaval of the Norman Conquest, evidence of the ‘ordinary’ people of the time is indeed often difficult to extricate in the written sources. However, archaeological remains can offer insights into the ‘everyday’ lives of the inhabitants of these islands, as well as providing very direct and personal details of their lives (and deaths).

£12 per lecture or £30 for all three.

Whiteway Evening

“Heartwood Forest” Professor Brian Legg

Friday, 18 October 2019, 1930-2100 Two consecutive talks about Heartwood Forest, the country’s largest

new native forest: 1. Nature bounces back – given half a chance 2. What did trees ever do for us?

£8 (includes glass of wine & nibbles).

Whiteway Morning

“Murder Most Foul – a famous murder trial from English history”

Saturday, 30 November   10.30-12.30

With the help of retired barrister, Peter Blood, relive a gruesome murder trial and then help decide the verdict.

£10 (includes mulled wine and mince pies).

Whiteway Quiz Night

Saturday, 23 November, 18.30 for 19.00. Teams of 6, £10 per person, includes a light supper and glass of wine.

For more information or to book Quiz Night places, either for teams or individually, please email or ring 01273 302 605.