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Rottingdean Whiteway Centre


In place of the planned Summer Term programme of courses to be run in the Centre which had to be cancelled, the Whiteway Centre has been delighted to be able to offer a programme of online courses.

All the courses are being delivered online using the Zoom video-conferencing application. Zoom is free and easy to use, and many have been using it during the lock-down period for work meetings or to keep in touch with family and friends.


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PHASE 2 – June & July

Courses marked (C) continue from Phase 1, new courses are indicated as such after the title.


D1X  Paint Along With Lucy  (C)   1100-1220   (5 weeks from 22 June)   Tutor:  Lucy Parker                Fee:  £30

A further 5 weeks. Keep those artistic muscles exercised by painting along with Lucy Parker in Zoom lessons.  We will be trying out different projects where you can apply things you have learnt so far with encouragement and support from your fellow artists.  Demonstrations will be given, along with tips and techniques about how to tackle each subject together with feedback about your own work.  

 (Link to “Further Information”)


D12  British Art 1900-1920 (NEW)    1000-1130 (5 weeks from 16 June)        Tutor:  Jackie Parry           Fee: £30

This short course examines the development of modern art in Britain, starting with Roger Fry's Post-Impressionist Exhibitions and ending with the effects of WW1. It will look at groups such as Camden Town, Bloomsbury and the Vorticists, as well as individual artists such as Gwen and Augustus John and Stanley Spencer, and will consider the impact that modernism had on artistic practice in Britain.


D8X  Gentle Yoga & Relaxation  (C)       0930-1030  (5 weeks from 18 June)         Tutor: Lucy Deere      Fee:  £30

This online class is designed to gently ease our bodies into movement whilst also quietening and relaxing the mind. The yoga postures we practice will stretch and strengthen our muscles as well as assisting our circulation and balance. We will move with awareness of our breath to help us let go of mental tensions and worries.

No previous experience is needed and you can practise seated in a chair or on a yoga mat as you wish.

New students welcome.

D14  Academy to Realism: French Art 1789-1850 (NEW) 1000-1130 (5 weeks from 18 June)  

Tutor: Jackie Parry    Fee: £30

This short course looks at the changes in French art in the first half of the 19th Century – from Delacroix, Gericault and Ingres, to the Barbizon School and Courbet. The changes were to have a lasting effect on how art was understood and to lead to the development of modernism. The course will also examine the effects of the revolutions of 1789, 1830 and 1848 on artistic practice.

D1X Paint Along With Lucy - Further Information




22nd June

Landscape using experimental watercolour techniques.

Watercolours, salt, wax, clingfilm and alcohol and some test paper.

29th June

Pastel landscapes.

Chalk Pastels, coloured pastel paper or make your own with a watercolour wash

6th July

Landscape using experimental watercolour techniques.

Pastel landscapes.

Perspective.  Architecture with pen and wash.  A sketching tour of Venice.

Watercolours. Drawing pens, watersoluble and water proof. Watercolour sketchbook.

13 July

Sketching with pen and wash.

How to sketch nature, people and buildings.

Watercolours. Drawing pens, watersoluble and water proof. Watercolour sketchbook.

20th July

Reflections in acrylics or oils.

Paint sideways!

Acrylics or oils on a yellow ochre background

I will be sending out photos to work from a couple of days before the online sessions.

Recommended materials:

Chalk pastels.  I recommend Inscribe 48 or 64 half sticks.

The best drawing pen that has water soluble ink is the Rotring Art Pen, fine nib.

The waterproof pen I like is the Uni Pin 0.5.


Course/Enrolment Enquiries: mike@rwc.org.uk or 07986 288 184