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M1 Psychology (NEW) Tutor: Jeanie Civil

1000-1200 Fee: £84

Have you ever wondered why people behave the way that they do, or what makes them tick? Would you like

to learn about the psychology of body language; different personality types; transactional analysis; neuro-

linguistic programming;  love; trust; bereavement; sexuality at work; how to resolve conflict; practical

counselling skills; being assertive; making meetings effective; stress management; symbolism and personal

growth through Gestalt therapy? You would! Then come along to this new course – which, by the way, will be


M10 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) (NEW) Tutor: Diane Moulton

1030-1200 Fee: £20

A new English course for speakers of other languages. Come and join us for informal, fun classes with a

qualified and experienced tutor. All levels welcome. We will cover all aspects and practise everyday spoken

English. For more information, please phone tutor on 01273 844828. There will be an informal pre-course

meeting at the Centre on 6 January at 10.30 a.m.

M5 Drawing & Painting - Advanced (C) Tutor: Lucy Parker

1030-1230 Fee: £84

A structured course for students with some experience of drawing and painting who wish to improve their

skills with more challenging exercises.  We will still cover the basics of observational drawing and colour theory

through the use of different media to increase your understanding.  Find out which media suits you and your


M2 Yoga for All (C) Tutor: Lucy Deere

1215-1315 Fee: £42

Open to all levels of experience, this course is designed to help us safely regain flexibility, strength and

stamina. This is a friendly, supportive group and you will be encouraged to practise within your comfort zone.

Classes will also include breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Please bring a yoga mat or towel and

wear comfortable clothing.

M3 Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness (C) Tutor: Lucy Deere

1320-1420 Fee: £42

Each class will start with gentle yoga (predominately chair based) to ease out tight muscles and joints and

move on to led mindfulness practice. By quietening the mind and increasing our awareness of physical

sensations, thoughts and feelings we develop the capacity to live fully in the present moment. Please bring a

blanket or shawl.

M4 Drawing and Painting – Beginners & Improvers (C) Tutor: Lucy Parker

1400-1600 Fee: £84

A structured course that will take you through easy and enjoyable exercises in observational drawing and

painting. By using stimulating subject matter we will try out various media: starting with pencil, then moving

on to charcoal and pastels, and ending with watercolours. Please look at my website at

M8 An Introduction to Social Anthropology (C) Tutor: Dr Jonathan Newman

1430-1630 Fee: £84

We will examine different ways that people worldwide see and understand their lives and we also consider

different ways to explore our own ways of being in the world. These are classes for explorers who want to see

much more of the world without necessarily leaving their home.

M9 Geology & the World Economy (NEW) Tutor: Dr Tony Corrigan

1500-1700 Fee: £84

This course will cover the role of geology in finding and producing commodities that are key contributors to

how we live. It will include: oil and gas, coal, uranium, iron, copper, tin, aluminium, rare earth elements, gold,

silver and platinum and gems. Also included will be sources of water, heat, salt and building materials. More info

M6 Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique (C) Tutor: Mick Bensley

1500-1700 Fee: £84

This course, taught by a local marine artist and illustrator, is open to beginners and those with some

experience. The tutor will demonstrate each stage of the painting and explain techniques, basic drawing,

composition and colour mixing, guiding students individually through their own project or one set by him.

This course is also offered on Tuesday.

M7 Continuing Bridge (C) Tutor: Peter Clinch

1900-2100 Fee: £84

A course for those who have played a bit of bridge and who want to hone their bidding and play. Ideal for

those who have been learning for a year or two, or who are coming back to the game after a pause.


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Spring Term 2020     13 Jan – 27 Mar  half-term  17 – 21 Feb.

Summer Term 2020   20 Apr – 6 Jul     half-term: 25 – 29 May.

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F37  Spanish Lower Intermediate A (C)          Tutor: Maria Simons

1000-1130                           Fee: £84

A course for learners who have already completed a beginners’ course and can get by in everyday situations. We aim to develop your confidence talking in Spanish in a variety of topics such as holidays, hobbies, your town, etc., as well as expand your knowledge of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.   The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.

F35  Spanish Lower Intermediate B (C)          Tutor: Maria Simons

1200-1330                           Fee: £84         

As F37 above.

F38  Spanish Upper Intermediate 2 (C)         Tutor: Maria Simons

1400-1530                           Fee: £84         

A course for learners who have completed 3 years of learning Spanish and wish to continue to improve their vocabulary, fluency and range of tenses.  You will develop your language skills to describe experiences, events, hopes and express your opinion on a variety of topics.

F34  Mixed Media (C)                                     Tutor: Amanda Davidson

1400-1600                           Fee: £84   

This term we will be looking at how to apply contrasting texture and pattern to enhance a painting in a contemporary manner. So please bring metallics, gold and silver in ink and/or acrylics, and fluorescent colours. You can work on acrylic paper or artboard/canvas using brushes and palette knives.



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W18  The Age of Beethoven (C)                                        Tutor: Dr Peter Copley

0930-1130                           Fee: £84

2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. His lifespan (1770-1827) saw music transformed almost beyond recognition. This course will study music composed in this period which saw the end of the classical style and the dawning of what came to be known as romanticism.

W19  Italian Language - Intermediate (C)                      Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1000-1130                           Fee: £84

This course is designed for experienced learners who have completed at least three years of part-time study before joining the class. Although we will address all four skills (reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking), particular emphasis will be placed on oral communication. Practical advice on grammar will be integrated as appropriate.

W20  The Vikings  (5 weeks from 15 January) (NEW)                          Tutor: Dr Judie English

1030-1230                   Fee: £42

Over the last half century attitudes towards the Vikings have changed from seeing them as violent marauders to misunderstood adventurers.  The course will follow a middle path to define them as great route finders, traders, artists and colonists but, in the end, with a view of life at odds with the Christianisation of Europe led by Rome.

W26  Archaeology of the Weald  (5 weeks from 26 February) (NEW)                 Tutor: Dr Judie English

1030-1230                   Fee: £42

For many decades the Weald, particularly the Low Weald was regarded as impenetrable jungle and, apart from iron, little used until population growth in the Saxon period drove settlement into this marginal land.  More recently field-walking and developer-led excavation has shown at least intermittent use of Wealden resources from the Mesolithic period onwards.  This course will take a chronological approach and reassess what we know about this central area of Sussex, Kent and Surrey before the modern period.

W23  Italian Post-Beginners (C)             Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1200-1330                    Fee: £84

A course for those who have completed a beginners’ course and can get by in everyday situations.  It will

develop your confidence talking in Italian on a variety of topics, as well as expand your knowledge of Italian

culture. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.

W21  Italian Language & Culture – Advanced (C)         Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1500-1630                           Fee: £84

This course is designed for confident and experienced learners who have completed at least four years of part-time study before joining the class or have at least an AS level qualification. The language element will include speaking, listening, reading and writing skills developed through the study of authentic materials. Particular emphasis will be placed on oral communication. The cultural part of the course will explore Italian literature and current affairs.

W22  Spanish for Beginners (C)            Tutor: Maria Simons

1830-2000                           Fee: £84       

A course for beginners which will enable students to communicate in everyday situations such as ordering food and drink, shopping, asking for and giving directions and provide personal information.  The basic grammatical structures of the language will be introduced as will aspects of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.

W24 Unravelling the Universe (NEW)            Tutor: William Joyce

1930-2130                   Fee: £84

This course provides an overview of modern astronomy focussing on modern ideas, observations and results. Discussions will cover some basic science to show how we know (or think we know) things about objects ranging from planets to stars to galaxies, along with exploring the Big Bang and the prospects for life elsewhere in the Universe. No previous science or maths knowledge is required. A little familiarity with some basic astronomy would be helpful. No equipment is required except a notebook and pen. Some observing the night sky with a small telescope will be included if weather permits.

W25  Burning Issues of the Day (C)             Tutor: Arthur Collins

1930-2130                           Fee: £84         

A lively and friendly round table discussion which seeks to explore the issues underlying and shaping the burning political, economic and social issues of the day. Subjects may be selected by either the tutor or members of the group.

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TH27  Art & Visual Culture 1100-1600: Medieval to Renaissance (C)         Tutor: Jackie Parry

1000-1200                           Fee: £84        

This course looks at key themes including the theory and function of religious art, and art at the Renaissance court. It will look at artists, buildings, and sculpture. It will also consider male and female patronage in Italy and the changes in art brought by the Reformation, the Catholic Counter- Reformation and El Greco. There will be a gallery visit during the term.

TH32  Stained Glass Art for Beginners & Improvers A (9 weeks, no class 7 March)  (NEW)      Tutor: Janice Farrar

1030-1230                            Fee: £84

The course will cover the key techniques for producing quality stained glass – design, composition, colour, cutting, foiling, soldering and assembling. We will look at the use of stained glass in panels, mirrors, sculpture and jewellery. Students will work under expert supervision to design and create their own pieces. Cost of materials and personal equipment not included.

TH30  Stained Glass Art for Beginners & Improvers B (9 weeks, no class 7 March)  (NEW)      Tutor: Janice Farrar

1330-1530                           Fee: £84      

As TH32 above.

TH29  Life Drawing & Portraiture (C)                         Tutor: Amanda Davidson

1400-1600                           Fee: £84        

The study of the human form is essential to improving your figurative painting.  Our models are varied and pose in costume and nude. You are free to work in any medium such as charcoal, pastel or paints with poses lasting from 10-40mins or longer with a short break. This course is aimed at students and professionals with helpful guidance throughout. There will be fee of £5 each session for the model.


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T11 Art & Visual Culture 1600-1850: Academy to Avant Garde (C) Tutor: Jackie Parry

1000-1200 Fee: £84

This course shows how the idea of art develops during this period. It looks at innovations in artistic practice

and changes in traditional structures of patronage. As well as exploring painting and sculpture, it also considers

architecture, urbanism and landscape gardening. There will a gallery visit during the term.

T12 Beginning Bridge (Part 2) (C) Tutor: Peter Clinch

1030-1230 Fee: £84

We will continue to grow our understanding of bridge bidding and play, building up our knowledge of the

fundamentals of the game.

T13 Information Technology Workshop (C) Tutor: Ray Gibson

1400-1600 Fee: £70

Do you struggle to use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone? Are you a complete beginner or do you know some

of the basics but want to know more? In this course you will learn and practise at your own pace under the

guidance of our friendly tutor. He will teach a series of topics related to hardware, software and the internet.

Make use of the Centre’s laptops or bring your own device, whether laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

T15 French Intermediate Conversation (C) Tutor: Claire Peligry

1400-1530 Fee: £84

The emphasis in this course will be on conversation and is designed to build confidence, improve

pronunciation and develop your knowledge of French vocabulary and grammar.

T14 Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique (C) Tutor: Mick Bensley

1500-1700 Fee: £84

(see Monday’s listing for details)

T16 Creative Writing (C) Tutor: Claudia Gould

1900-2100 Fee: £84

If you suspect you might have a book in you - or even a couple of short stories or a good joke - come and meet

other writers and want-to-be writers.  Try out your ideas, practise your prose and enjoy good talk about



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 Courses marked (C) continue from the Autumn Term; space permitting, new students are welcome.  New courses are identified as such after the title.

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