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W18  Aspects of Schubert (NEW)                            0930-1130                 

Tutor:  Peter Copley  (5 weeks from April 25)       Fee:  £40

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) is one of the greatest early nineteenth century composers. He was particularly renowned for his songs, chamber music, piano music and symphonies, and this course will offer an overview of the range of his output, including lesser known works, such as his operas. No specialist knowledge is required for full participation.

W23 Archaeology of Brittany & Normandy (NEW) 1000-1200

Tutor:  Judie English (10 weeks from April 25)              Fee: £80

In many ways the archaeology of Brittany and Normandy follows the same trajectory as that of Britain. Its relative isolation from the changes emanating through land links from central Europe and the ease of access from the western Mediterranean also led to regional developments.  This course will look at prehistoric periods, particularly the survival of Neolithic monuments in Brittany, the Roman period and the very different histories of the two provinces after the fall of Rome; Normandy as part of the Carolingian Empire which then fell to the Vikings and Brittany as a quasi-independent state.

W19  Italian Language, Culture & Cinema  1 (C)      1030-1230

Tutor:  Adrian Hilton (5 weeks from April 25)                Fee: £40

This continuing intermediate level course is designed to help you improve your command of Italian by exploring aspects of Italy's history, culture and regions using up-to-date resources on language and civilisation, enhanced by scenes from Italian cinema.

W21  Italian Language, Culture & Cinema  2  (C)             1330-1530

Tutor:  Adrian Hilton (5 weeks from April 25)                Fee: £40

This continuing course is designed along similar lines to the morning session but is more suited to students who are ready and confident to pursue their studies to a higher intermediate level.


W22  Spanish for Beginners (C)             1900-2030

Tutor:  Maria Simons (5 weeks from April 25)                       Fee: £40

This continuation course will enable students to communicate in everyday situations such as travelling, arranging to go out or making future plans.  The basic grammatical structures of the language will be developed further as will the knowledge of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.  The emphasis will be on listening and speaking.

W25  Burning Issues of the Day (C)              1930-2130

Tutor:  Arthur Collins (5 weeks from April 25)                 Fee: £40

A lively and friendly round table discussion which seeks to explore the issues underlying and shaping the burning political, economic, social as well as philosophical issues of the day.  Subjects may be selected by either the tutor or by members of the group.

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M5  Keeping a Sketchbook (NEW)             1400-1600

Tutor:  Lucy Parker                              Fee:  £72

(9 weeks from April 23 to July 03, no classes on May 07 & 28)

Discover the joy of creating a sketchbook and visual diary.  Learn how to sketch the world with confidence through simple exercises.  We will use the village of Rottingdean as our primary resource, with trips out to inspire you.  We will also have a session drawing postcards to send to friends around the world.

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T11  Artists’ London: British Art 1910-30  (NEW)            1000-1200

Tutor:  Jackie Parry  (6 weeks from April 24)                Fee: £50

This short course will examine the effects of the Great War and its aftermath on British art. There was initially a new focus on central London, until Hampstead took over in 1930 as the home of British Modernism. The course will examine this period of transition.

One session will be a visit to Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.

T12  Improve Your Bridge (C)              1030-1230

Tutor:  Dave Armstrong  (5 weeks from April 24)               Fee:  £40

This course is for those who have completed a beginners’ course or have a good basic knowledge of the game and who wish to further develop their playing skills.

T9  French Intermediate Conversation (NEW)            1415-1545

Tutor: Tamara Castro (5 weeks from April 24)                Fee: £40

The emphasis in this course will be on conversation and is designed to build confidence, improve pronunciation and develop your knowledge of French vocabulary and grammar.

T13  Computer Club (C)                                               1400-1600

Tutor:  Ray Gibson (10 weeks from April 24)                        Fee:  £65                           

Practise at your own pace under the guidance of our friendly tutor, who will teach a series of topics related to hardware, software and the internet, while there is always space reserved for student questions.  Come every week or as often as suits you; make use of the Centre’s Lottery-funded laptops, or bring your own. An existing email account will be useful, although help can be given to obtain one.

T16  Writers’ Workshop (C)                      1900-2100

Tutor:  Claudia Gould  (5 weeks from April 24)            Fee:  £40

A place for writers and would-be writers to find ideas, get feedback and discuss their own work and that of others.  Come with some writing of your own, or with ideas for writing you would like to do.  We’ll give you helpful exercises, point you towards useful books and, above all, take your writing seriously.


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TH31  French for Beginners (C)                              1000-1130

Tutor:  Claire Peligry (9 weeks from April 26)               Fee: £80                            

This course is for those with little knowledge of French. We will cover the basics, so that you can take part in simple everyday situations and enjoy getting to know French culture. The emphasis will be on practical communication skills, so that you can get by in French.

TH27  German Art: Durer to Richter 1550-2018 (NEW) 1000-1200

Tutor:  Jackie Parry  (6 weeks from April 26)                          Fee: £50

German art was neglected and uncollected in a Britain, due to the lure of Italy in the (16th and then politics in the (20th. It has however been hugely influential. This short course will examine Durer (Vasari's Northern genius), the 19th century Romantic tradition, early 20th century Expressionism and now the post WW2 influence of Beuys, Kiefer and Richter.

One session will be a visit to Tate Modern.

TH30  Life Drawing & Portrait Painting (C)                 1400-1600

Tutor:  Amanda Davidson (10 weeks from April 26)             Fee: £80

Using professional models, we will work on short and long poses, both costumed and nude, to study shape and form.  Suitable for accomplished artists as well as beginners who wish to have helpful guidance throughout.  There will be a small fee each session for the model.


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F36  Britain’s Geological Evolution  (NEW)  1000-1200

Tutor: Tony Corrigan

How the rocks that made us were made: how are rocks formed and how do we know; why are fossils so important and how do we date one? How do we find hydrocarbons, minerals and water; are resources infinite or will they run out? The evolution of Britain from 4 billion BC into an island with the world’s most varied geology.

F35  Spanish Lower Intermediate  (C)    1400-1530    

Tutor: Maria Simons

A course for learners who can get by in everyday situations, and wish to develop their communicative skills further. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.  

F34  Painting Three Ways  (C)  1400-1600

Tutor: Amanda Davidson

Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour. We will explore the individual quality of these three very different painting media through set projects, gaining useful advice and tips on getting the best out of your painting project. Be prepared to be challenged. There are no short cuts but you will discover your inner artist!


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